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"Working While It Is Yet Day!"

Ho!  Now is the Power come!  The Power of God is with us!

You were baptized!  When?  Do you know when, without having to go search some records to find out the date?  Your sins were forgiven: but, your hearts still remained full of those evil spirits that inhabited you from the time you were born, up unto now, if you never learned about how to start casting these evil spirits out of your mind.

Now, I bring you My Peace! 

Stop being in a hurry!  This is for your life!

Give ear; and, listen attentively!  People who are rushing through these Messages are not taking their lives seriously!  Everyday there is rushing!  These Messages are being taken like eating fast food.  You are always on the run; and, always being in a hurry!  This is the effects of "Running To and Fro!"  This is the spirit that the Lord spoke about that would be in the world today.  So, pay attention to how you are always in a hurry.  You don't take time to truly eat your Daily Bread, because you are rushing!  You read these words with something else in your mind that you have to do, or some place you have to get to.  You will end up dying, and going to meet God without having what you need.  You think you got what you needed because you went to church last Sunday.  But, you have not sought His Word on a daily basis as the Lord God commanded you to do.  You just ran through the prayer, saying, "Give us this day our Daily Bread!"  Neither did you desire what you were asking for: but, you just quoted those words.  Ask, desiring; and, you shall receive!  "Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness!"  How many times a day do you eat food to fill your belly?  How often during the course of the day do you see yourself desiring the Word of God?  You shall not live by food for the belly alone: but, by every Word that proceeds from the Mouth of God!  How much listening to His Words do you find yourself doing during the course of the day?

Thus saith the Lord, "Hear, O My people!  Give ear; and, listen attentively to the Words of My mouth!"


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